Buy & Sell Shares in
Professional Athletes

Buy & Sell Shares in
Professional Athletes

  • Speculate on Player Performance

  • Every Match, Every Season

  • Fantasy Sports just got REAL

The sports exchange making
fantasy sports REAL

Buy & Sell shares in players both pre-match and in-play.

The better they perform the higher their shares will rise.

Check player stats and decide who looks cheap and who looks expensive.

Consider yourself a sports expert? Prove it and beat the market!

BUY the Players
you think will perform

SELL the Players you think won't

You're in Control

Buy shares in the players you rate and sell shares in the players you don't - it's that simple!

View by Player, Team and Position

It couldn't be easier to check your Sportfolio and see how your players are doing

No more excuses

Think Pogba is on for a scoring streak this weekend? Well start buying him!

Think Harry Kane is overrated? Prove it and sell him!

The Future of
Sports Speculation

The Future of
Sports Speculation

You shouldn't lose ALL your money when a bet doesn't go your way - that sucks!

That's why on SportStack the amount you win or lose is solely based on the player share price - no binary betting here!

Start trading sports like
stocks in live player

Use the scoring table to check
how much they could earn

Share your Sportfolio of players
and performance with the

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