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About Us

SportStack is a sports focussed fin-tech company creating a global sports exchange to speculate on the performance of professional athletes.


We think it's nonsense

that predicting the performance of anything from stocks to startups to cryptocurrencies is considered speculation and yet when it comes to sports it is solely considered gambling! Is betting that Bitcoin will bounce tomorrow or Tesla stock will fall next week any different to predicting Aguero will perform well this weekend?

No! At least, we don't think so and that's why we have created a global sports exchange to prove it!

We think it's crazy

that you can bet on almost anything in sports except the most important feature of them: the players! You shouldn't have to play a fantasy sports game to predict who will and won't perform well and that's why we created SportStack so that now you can with real money!

Our mission is simple

to pioneer sports speculation as an alternative asset class for the masses. We are starting in the UK with Football Match Markets and will subsequently launch Season Markets before spanning into new sports and territories!

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