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How do I buy & sell shares?

Academy > How do I buy & sell shares?

There are two ways to Buy & Sell shares in players:

1. Add to Sportfolio

The easiest and quickest way to buy and sell players on SportStack is by tapping the green ‘+’ sign at any time. From here you can search for any player and simply tap ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ next to them. Once you have selected all the players you wish to trade, enter the amount you would like to stake and click Confirm. SportStack will instantly buy and sell an equal amount in every player and you can check all of your positions in your Sportfolio!

Know exactly who you want to buy and sell? Want to quickly trade several players in a couple of seconds? Want to replicate your fantasy team and put money on them? Add to Sportfolio is for you!

2. Player Markets

The other way to buy and sell players is directly on their market page. Search for the specific player you wish to trade and you will see the live market share price and lots of additional information. Use the price chart to see how the price has changed so far this week and once in-play watch their PayOut rise and fall in real time during the match! Simply tap the Buy or Sell buttons and enter either the number of shares or amount of money you wish to trade as well as the price you want to trade at.

When you place your trade into the SportStack exchange it will immediately match against another user if you want to buy at the same price someone else wants to sell (or vice versa). If not, then your order will be placed in the market order book and match as soon as another user trades against you.

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