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How do I win on SportStack?

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You make money every time you Buy shares at a lower price than they PayOut or Sell Shares at a higher price than they PayOut. You can also make money by actively trading through ‘buying low and selling high’.

Example 1

Buy 100 Shares in Salah at 50p = £50

In the match Salah earns a PayOut of 80p

PayOut of 80p on 100 Shares = £80

Profit made = £30

Example 2

Sell 50 Shares in Aguero at 80p = £10 (100p – 80p = 20p x 50 shares = £10)

In the match Aguero earns a PayOut of just 50p

80p – 50p = 30p profit per share x 50 shares = £15

Profit made = £15

Example 3

Buy 80 Shares in Kane at 60p = £48

He scores early on and his Share Price rises to 70p

You Sell straight away and lock in your profit

80 shares x 10p profit = £8

Profit made = £8

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