SportStack is a real money betting exchange for athletes which is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This is a betting platform and should not be in any way viewed as an investment vehicle. Please gamble responsibly.

How it Works


LaunchPad is where brand new players are launched on to the platform every week, giving you the chance to be one of the very first to buy shares in a new player when they go live!

It works just like an auction where you can see the Price Guide for bidding on the new players shares and the time you can enter your bids!

The auction will typically last for 1 to 2 hours and if you are interested in buying shares you can Enter a Bid to buy up to a maximum of 100 shares in that player at any price within the Price Guide.

The more demand there is to buy shares in the player auction, the higher the price will open at! SportStack will assess this demand at the end of the auction and decide the opening price alongside which bids were succesful and which were not!

The higher you bid at the more likely you are to be successful in the auction. If succesful, you will be allocated your shares at the price you bid at.

If you are succesful in the Launchpad auction then you will automatically receive shares in the player just before the market opens! If your bid was too low and you missed out then your bid will be automatically cancelled.