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What is a Match Market?

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Match Markets open at the start of every week and remain open all the way through to the final whistle. You can buy and sell shares in any player at any time all the way up to the last second of the game when the shares Pay Out and the market closes.

A player can earn between 0p – 100p in a Match Market based on our scoring table and will PayOut at the end of the match. You have one decision to make – will the player PayOut more or less than the current share price?

You can buy, sell and trade all day long if you wish, or simply make your trade, sit back and hope you’re right!

Once you have a position in a player you can quickly check them all in your “Sportfolio” and see how they are performing in real time 24/7!

SportStack will also be launching Season Markets soon where you will be able to buy, sell and trade players 24/7 all season long to speculate on their performance over the entire year!

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