SportStack is a real money betting exchange for athletes which is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This is a betting platform and should not be in any way viewed as an investment vehicle. Please gamble responsibly.

How it Works

Scoring Table

The Scoring Table shows you exactly how many performance points players can earn and lose when they play in a match.

The better they perform, the more performance points they will receive, and likewise, the worse they perform the fewer performance points they will receive.

SportStack uses an official data partnership with Opta to provide us real time player performance data as it happens on the pitch! We then instantaneously reward/penalise players for everything they do and you can watch their performance points rising and falling whilst watching the match!

The number of performance points a player receives in a match dictates how many dividends they will earn (see Dividend Table).

The better a player performs and the more points they receive, the more dividends per share they will earn! There is also a bonus dividend for the best player in every match that receives the most points!

Watch the in-play leaderboard every match to track how your players are performing.