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How does SportStack make money?

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SportStack only makes money when you make money! We charge a 4% commission on winning profits only at the end of a match. When you lose we don’t charge anything and when you win we just take this small commission from your profits.

For Example – If you buy 100 shares in Paul Pogba at 50p for a cost of £50 and at the end of the match his PayOut is 80p – your 100 shares are now worth £80 and you have made a £30 profit. From this SportStack charges 4% commission: £30 x 0.04 = £1.20 and returns £28.80 profit to your account along with your initial £50 investment.


Buy 100 Shares at 50p = £50

Payout of 80p on 100 Shares = £80

Profit made = £30

Commission = £30 x 4% = £1.20

Returned to Account = £80 – £1.20 = £78.80

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