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What is SportStack?

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SportStack is a peer to peer exchange where users can speculate on the performance of professional athletes in every match by buying and selling shares in them.

Players will earn and lose value during a match according to our Scoring Table and will PayOut the total amount at the end of the match.

If you buy shares in a player at a price below the final PayOut you will make money and similarly if you sell shares in a player at a price above the final PayOut you will also make money!

All you need to decide is how much you believe the player will ultimately PayOut and if the current share price is too high or too low. You can buy, sell and trade all day long if you wish or simply make your trade, sit back and hope you’re right!

Once you have a position in a player you can quickly check them all in your “Sportfolio” and see how they are performing in real time 24/7!

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