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SportStack is committed to providing its users with the most fun and entertaining platform to enjoy and bet on sports. Gambling should be entertaining and the way to ensure it always remains an entertainment product is to ensure it always remains responsible!

SportStack is committed to ensuring the highest level of responsible gambling and takes this matter incredibly seriously. Acting on this commitment, we provide you with several useful tools to help you stay in control of your betting and ensure you always gamble within your means.


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How to identify a problem gambler

SportStack is committed to responsible gambling. The below guide is here to help you identify your own, or a close friend/family-members gambling problem. It is not meant as an exhaustive list and we encourage you to err on the side of caution when deciding whether to seek advice or help:

  • A person feels as though they would be unable to stop gambling
  • Someone who regularly avoids other social events just so they don’t miss a gambling opportunity
  • Somebody who puts gambling at or close to the top of their priority list week in week out
  • A bettor that takes out loans with the intention to gamble a high proportion of it
  • A gambler inflates their wins and continually brushes off losses as bad luck
  • Somebody who is unwilling or fears checking their lifetime net deposit/withdrawals
  • Somebody who is spending an increasing amount of time on betting websites/apps/at venues
  • A bettor who chases their losses by betting larger and larger amounts in hope of breaking even
  • A person who bets their non-disposable income recreationally and subsequently cannot pay their every day bills
  • Someone who conceals their betting habits from spouse or close friends
  • Someone who continually lies about, understates, or brushes off their losses

SportStack believe that betting on our markets should be fun and a source of entertainment.It should not result in sleepless nights or financial hardship for you or your families. With this in mind, SportStack will adopt a variety of measures to identify problem gamblers and actively encourage users to seek help. SportStack only accepts members of legal gambling age (18 in the UK). We encourage all users to see how safe their gambling is through the quick and easy Gamcare test -